Тест с ответами по грамматике английского языка

1.Rain is falling heavily …. the north-west.
A at
B in +
C on
D above

2. She made us …. for several hours.

A to wait
B waited
C wait +
D to be waiting

3. I saw him …. to the ground.

A fall
B fell
C falling +
D have fallen

4. I saw a lot of football fans ….. very badly.

A had behaved
B behaved
C have behaved
D behaving +

5. They won’t let us ….. the Customs till our luggage has been examined.

A to leave
B leaving
C leave +
D left

6. These goods are worth … .

A) buy

B) to buy

C) buying +

D) to be bought

E) bought

7. He has a desire … to the party.

A) been invited
B) be invited
C) being invited
D) to be invited +
E) inviting

8. It`s expensive to heat the house at the moment and that`s partly because the ceilings are so high. If the ceilings … lower, it … much cheaper to heat.

A) was/will be
B) are/is
C) will be/will be
D) were/would be +
E) were/was

9. I’ve no idea when …… .

A Margaret Thatcher became Prime Minister +
B did Margaret Thatcher become Prime Minister
C Margaret Thatcher did become Prime Minister
D Margaret Thatcher Prime Minister became

10.Four words have been OMITTED from the text.
A) completed
B) added
C) extended
D) removed +
E) changed

11. Barter, however, was a very ….. system of exchange, because people’s precise needs seldom coincided.

A dessatisfactory
B insatisfactory
C dissatisfactory +
D unsatisfactory

12. How slow you are! Hurry up! By the time we … to the airport the plane … .

A) shall get/will take off +
B) get/will have taken off
C) have got/takes off
D) got/would have taken off
E) shall get/takes off

13. He had enough money to buy a ticket, _____, he decided not to go.

A) consequently
B) nevertheless +
C) moreover
D) because

14. A popular newspaper with a(an) _____ of over five million daily makes a lot of money.

A) editorial
B) advertising +
C) circulation
D) censorship

15. She ordered the letter …… .

A to write
B written
C to be written +
D having written

16. Tom has no money of his own. So he’s totally dependent … his parents.

A) on +
B) of
C) at
D) to

17. He is expected …. us his answer tomorrow.

A give
B to give +
C giving
D be giving

18. Mr. S. was sure that prisoners of conscience … in at least 60 countries.

A) being held
B) hold
C) were being held +
D) are being held

19. Central heating … just … in Julia’s house.

A) has been installing
B) have been installed
C) is installing
D) has been installed +

20. Vie said that they knew only what was in the papers, that they … for a call or a telegram since they heard of the accident.

A) waited
B) had waited
C) had been waiting +
D) were waiting

21. Don’t you think your mother must be getting tired …. away from you?

A about being
B of being +
C with being
D on being
22. George can’t come out with us this evening. He ………… work later.

A) should
B) has to +
C) can
D) there is no any correct answer.

23. I didn’t get the job …………. I had the necessary qualifications.

A) although +
B) lest
C) if
D) so long as

24. They must let him …. his own decision.

A make +
B made
C to make
D making

25. She felt her heart …. with fear.

A beat
B to beat
C beaten +
D to be beating

26. She made him …. down and wait for her.

A sit +
B to sit
C sat
D be sitting

27. The boy watched her …. the bell.

A to ring
B ring +
C rang
D rung

28. I didn’t hear her ….. this because she spoke in a soft voice.

A say +
B to say
C be said
D said

29. The child had his toy …. yesterday.

A to break
B breaking
C broken +
D to have broken

30. There were many people …. at the trolley-bus stop.

A stand
B standing +
C stood
D being stood

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