Тест с ответами: «Времена в английском языке»

1. The plane _____ at 10.30 and _____ at 16.15.
а) will take off, will land
б) is taking off, is landing
в) takes off, lands+
г) took off, would land

2. In the future, people _____ their holiday in space.
а) spend
б) will spend
в) will be spending+
г) are going to spend

3. ___ books for a long time?
а) Has you been writing
б) Have you been writing+
в) Have you written

4. Marta __ in the shopping centre for 2 hours.
а) have been
б) has been+
в) has being

5. I ___ to go scuba diving.
а) have always wanted+
б) have always been wanting
в) has always wanted

6. Since I_____university, I haven’t had much spare time.
а) started+
б) have started
в) was starting
г) start

7. James Watt _____ the steam engine.
а) invented+
б) had invented
в) invents
г) has invented

8. Mark ___ the car race last year.
а) hasn’t won
б) haven’t won
в) didn’t win+

9. How is Lucy? Fine, we ___ her on our way home.
а) has just met
б) have just met+
в) just met

10. After he had researched and _____ his paper, he found some additional material.
а) wrote
б) writing
в) written+
г) have written

11. Mr. Brown ________ every Saturday.
а) work
б) to work
в) works+
г) working

12. When I _________ home yesterday, she _________ dinner.
а) had come, was cooked
б) came, had been cooking
в) was coming, was cooking
г) came, was cooking+

13. I _________ this work by 6 pm tomorrow.
а) will have done+
б) will doing
в) will do
г) will be doing

14. Where have you been? Mom ___ for you all day.
а) has looked
б) have been looking
в) has been looking+

15. ___ the latest news?
а) Have you been hearing
б) Have you heard+
в) Has you heard

16. She ___________ a book the whole evening yesterday.
а) read
б) was reading+
в) was read
г) readed

17. It’s nearly twenty years since my father ______ his brother.
а) saw+
б) sees
в) has seen
г) had see

18. She said she’d help him if she ______ .
а) can’t
б) can
в) have been able
г) could+

19. He told them he ______ starting work the next day.
а) will have been
б) would be+
в) will be
г) would have been

20. Come on tell me honestly what you ______ to do now.
а) wanted
б) are wanting
в) want+
г) will want

21. When the old lady returns to her flat she ______ at once that someone has broken in during her absence.
а) will see+
б) sees
в) has seen
г) saw

22. It’s the first time he ______ to England.
а) go
б) went
в) has gone+
г) had gone

23. When I came home, my brother _____________ with a toy, which I __________ him two days before.
а) played, had bought
б) played, was bought
в) was playing, had bought+
г) was playing, was bought

24. ___ a cherry pie?
а) Has your mom ever baked+
б) Did your mom ever bake
в) Have your mom ever baked

25. Sandra ___ her bike yesterday.
а) fell off+
б) have fallen off
в) has fallen off

26. ___ their wedding last weekend?
а) Did they celebrate+
б) Have they celebrated
в) Has they celebrated

27. How many times ______ you been there?
а) did
б) have+
в) has
г) will

28. It doesn’t make sense. I can’t understand why he ______ at you last night.
а) had shouted
б) has should
в) shouted+
г) is shouting

29. We ______ along the forest road when it started snowing.
а) was walking
б) had walked
в) were walking+
г) had been walking

30. This is the first time I ______ late for my Japanese classes.
а) have been+
б) had been
в) was
г) am

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