Тест с ответами: «Вопросительные предложения в английском языке»

1. Do you have ___ interest in biology?
a) some
б) many
в) any+

2. ___ Cathy lately?
a) Have you seen+
б) Did you see
в) Has you seen

3. ___ turn is to clean the room?
a) Who
б) Whose+
в) Which

4. _______ arrive at the hotel?
a) When will they +
б) When they will
в) Where will they
г) Where they will

5. _______ one of Mary’s friends, are you?
a) Aren’t you
б) You don’t
в) You aren’t+
г) Don’t you

6. «_____ do you like your job?”
«Because it’s interesting.”
а) Why+
б) What
в) How
г) Where

7. ___ there any new books on sale?
a) Are+
б) Do
в) Is

8. She never watches talk shows, ___?
a) doesn’t she
б) does she+
в) don’t she

9. ___ a CD player?
a) Has Jill got+
б) Have Jill
в) Have Jill got

10. «_____ do you travel to school?”
«By bus.”
а) How+
б) What
в) Why
г) Where

11. «____ ____ you live with?”
«With my mother and sisters.”
а) What / do
б) Who / do+
в) Where / does
г) Who / does

12. «_____ do you _____ on Sundays?”
«I always relax.”
а) How / doing
б) What / do+
в) Where / does
г) What / relax

13. ___ a dog under the table?
a) Is there+
б) Are
в) Are there

14. ___ colour is your new suit?
a) Where
б) Why
в) What+

15. «_____ do you _____ on holiday?”
«To Rome or Paris.”
а) Where / like
б) How / relax
в) Where / go+
г) Why / go

16. _______ about his new book?
a) How do you think
б) How you think
в) What you think
г) What do you think+

17. _______ far is it from the town where you live?
a) What
б) How +
в) Where
г) When

18. Jane isn’t very clever, _______ ?
a) Isn’t she
б) Is she +
в) Doesn’t she
г) Does she

19. _______ she like to play with her sisters?
а) Does+
б) Had
в) Is

20. _______ your friend got a dog?
а) Has+
б) Is
в) Does

21. _______ it your book?
а) Have
б) Do
в) Is+

22. What will you do this afternoon?
а) I’ll play soccer.+
б) I was playing soccer.
в) I play soccer.
г) I played soccer.

23. How long have you been playing the trumpet?
а) For four years.+
б) By myself.
в) In my room.
г) About 50 cm.

24. Who do you usually go shopping with?
а) By myself.+
б) Downtown.
в) On Sunday.
г) Two or three hours.

25. When was the last time you took a picture?
а) Seven pictures.
б) A picture of Jane.
в) With my camera.
г) About four days ago.+

26. My father ___ very busy last week.
а) are
б) is
в) were
г) was+

27. _______ they like to run?
а) Are
б) Do+
в) Does

28. _______ they got many toys?
а) Do
б) Is
в) Have+

29. ______his dog funny?
а) Am
б) Does
в) Is+

30. ______he from Canada?
а) Is+
б) Does
в) Had

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