Тест с ответами: «Существительные в английском языке»

1. We took______ children to the Zoo.
a) —
б) an
в) a
г) the+

2. It can be dangerous to swim in_______sea.
a) —
б) а
в) the +
г) an

3. Have you ever been to______British Museum?
a) a
б) the+
в) —
г) an

4. There was ______ crisis in ______ American agriculture in______1980s.
a) the, -, the
б) a, the, the
в) a, -, the +
г) -, -, the

5. According to______New York Times________third of ______nation’s family farmers are in______debt.
a) the, a, the, — +
б) the, a, —, —
в) -, the, -, —
г) the, a, the, the

6. We have bought______nice cottage in______country with______views of______mountains.
a) a, the, -, -+
б) a, a, -, the
в) the, the, -, —
г) a, the, the, —

7. «Would you like______glass of_______milk?» «No, thanks. I don’t like______milk.»
a) the, -, —
б) a, -, -+
в) a, the, —
г) a, -, the

8. It is rather dangerous to walk on _____ after the rain.
а) roofes
б) rooves
в) roofs+

9. Dentists recommend using _____ twice a day: in the morning and in the evening.
а) teeth`s paste
б) tooth`s paste
в) toothpaste+
г) teethpaste

10. _____ are flowers of life.
а) Childs
б) Children+
в) Childrens

11. I don’t like______poetry, but there is______poem I’ve really enjoyed.
a) the, a
б) -, the
в) —, a+
г) a, a

12. 50 _____ of oil leaked out of the tanker into the sea.
а) Tones
б) Tonns
в) Tons+

13.______ people who live _______ next door work in ______ministry.
a) the, -, a +
б) the, -, the
в) -, the, —
г) -, -, —

14. Would you like to read «______Times»? No, thanks. I am short of______time.
a) —, —
б) -, the
в) the, the
г) The,-+

15. _____ in our house are so annoying. We definitely need a cat.
а) Mouses
б) Mices
в) Mousees
г) Mice+

16. On that farm I saw _____ for the first time in my life.
а) goose and sheep
б) geese and sheep +
в) gooses and sheeps
г) geese and sheeps

17. Mrs. Brown,______young woman with______fall of ______dark hair is______teacher.
a) the, a, —, a
б) a, a, the, a
в) a, a, -, a +
г) a, a,______the

18. When______Europeans came,______Indians watched with______horror as______forests were cut down.
a) -, -, -, the
б) the, the, the, the
в) the, the, -, the +
г) the, the, the, —

19. People always have______hopes for______better life in ______future.
a) -, a, the +
б) the, the, the
в) the,-,the
г) -, -,the

20. The police _____ called very often here. It’s a criminal district.
а) are +
б) were
в) is
г) was

21. I’d love to go on a sea ____________, but my wife has never been a good sailor, she always feels seasick, so we can’t join you.
а) journey
б) voyage+
в) tour
г) travel
д) trip

22. Many times during his long ____________in Eastern Africa Captain Cook faced danger and death.
а) voyage
б) trip
в) tour
г) journey+
д) travel

23. Unfortunately that ____________ended in a shipwreck, and Robinson Crusoe found himself on a deserted island.
а) tour
б) trip
в) journey
г) travel
д) voyage+

24. His clothes _____ so dirty that I tried to stay away from him.
а) are
б) were +
в) is
г) was

25. Since______1960s Japan has been one of______leading nations producing______electronic equipment and ______cars.
a) the, the, —, — +
б) the, -, —, —
в) -, the, -, —
г) the, the, the, the

26. In______south of______Sweden______Swedes grow______sugar beet and______potatoes.
a) the, the, the, —, —
б) the, —, the, —, —+
в) -, -, -, the, the
г) -, -, -, -, —

27. I eat______fruit every day for_______lunch:______ orange and______banana.
a) a, -, an, a
б) -, -, the, the
в) -, the, an, a
г) —, —, an, a+

28. The news _____ very sad, but she remains calm.
а) are
б) were
в) is+
г) was

29. Those _____ are too noisy.
а) person
б) persons
в) people+
г) peoples

30. It was a long and weary ____________, and when we got off the train, we gave a sigh of relief.
а) travel
б) voyage
в) trip
г) tour
д) journey+

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