Тест с ответами: «Степени сравнения в английском языке»

1. Tom scored ________ than anyone else in the class.
a) much higher+
б) more highly
в) more high
г) much more higher

2. When we studied at school we used to be ________ than we are now.
a) much more closely
б) most closer
в) most closely
г) much closer+

3. He has to work ________ in this new job than he used to in his old one.
a) the hardest
б) more hardly
в) more harder
г) a lot harder+

4. This book is ________ interesting than that one.
a) much more+
б) a far most
в) by far most
г) lot more

5. That film was ________ frightening than this one.
a) far less+
б) far little
в) far least
г) far more little

6. This son is ________ than his father.
a) much richer+
б) much more richer
в) lot richer
г) even more richer

7. Where is _____ bus stop?
a) the nearest+
б) near
в) nearer

8. My dear Grandpa is the _____ member of our family.
a) older
б) old
в) oldest+

9. Pluto and Mars are the _____ planets in our solar system.
a) far
б) farthest+
в) fathest

10. Our Spanish is getting ____ every day.
a) good
б) better+
в) the best

11. Is your younger sister _____ than you?
a) tall
б) taller+
в) tallest

12. Jimmy couldn’t have made his answers to the questionnaire ________ than he did.
a) more honest+
б) more much honestly
в) most honestly
г) the most honest

13. I suppose my daughter needs to take her studies a lot ________
a) more serious
б) more seriously+
в) serious
г) seriously

14. My new modern dress is ____ than yours.
a) most pretty
б) prettier+
в) prettyer

15. Our mum was the _____ person in her company.
a) busiest+
б) busyest
в) most busiest

16. Превосходная степень прилагательного cold (холодный)?
а) the colderest
б) the coldest+
в) the coldiest

17. Сравнительная степень прилагательного young (молодой)?
а) younger+
б) more younger
в) the youngest

18. Плохо — bad, хуже — ________ ?
а) bader
б) badder
в) worse+

19. Превосходная степень late (поздний)?
а) the latest+
б) the most latest
в) the latiest

20. The book is ________ .
a) much interestinger
б) much more interesting+
в) a much more interesting
г) slightly much interesting

21. I always feel ________ when I am on holiday than when I am at work.
a) more healthily
б) much healthily
в) healthier+
г) much more healthier

22. Сравнительная степень прилагательного difficult (трудный)?
а) difficulter
б) the difficultest
в) more difficult+

23. Cтепени сравнения прилагательного близкий — near?
а) near-nearer-nearest
б) near-nearer-the nearest+
в) near-more near-the most near

24. Менее удобный (comfortable)?
а) more comfortable
б) less comfortable+
в) less comfortabler

25. My new wardrobe is ____ than yours.
a) bigger+
б) biggest
в) big

26. My father wasn’t ___ than hers.
a) rich
б) richer+
в) the richest

27. They don’t think it is ___ way to travel abroad.
a) the best+
б) better
в) best

28. Джон — самый сильный мальчик в классе.
а) John is the most strongest boy in the class.
б) John is the strongest boy in the class.+
в) John is the most strong boy in the class.

29. Мой дом такой же большой как твой дом.
а) My house is as big as your house.+
б) My house is as bigger as your house.
в) My house is biggest as your house.

30. Самый слабый (weak)?
а) the most weak
б) the weakest+
в) the weaker

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