Тест с ответами: «Прилагательные и наречия в английском языке»

1. This car is ________ of all.
а) an expensive
б) the little expensive
в) the least expensive+

2. The new teacher is ________ than the previous one.
а) many better
б) a lot better+
в) a lot of good

3. Those shoes cost______mine.
a) much as
б) more as
в) as much as+
г) as more

4. You live even______from the centre than they.
a) farther +
б) furthest
в) far
г) more far

5. I like Jane less than Tom, but I like Sam______of all.
a) less
б) little
в) lesser
г) least+

6. We left ________ way possible.
а) a quicker
б) the quickiest
в) the quickest+

7. Of two evils choose______.
a) less
б) the least+
в) little
г) smaller

8. What’s the______news of today?
a) later
б) lately
в) last
г) latest+

9. If you are interested in______details ask the head of the office.
a) further+
б) furthest
в) farther
г) farthest

10. Actions speak______than words.
a) more louder
б) louder+
в) the loudest
г) loudly

11. Hotels are becoming______nowadays.
a) more expensive+
б) expensiver
в) the most expensive
г) the more expensive

12. John’s grades are______his sister’s.
a) the higher than
б) higher than+
в) the highest as
г) more high than

13. His drawings are as perfect as his______.
a) instructor
в) instructor’s+
б) instructors
г) instructor drawings

14. The salary of a professor is higher than______a secretary.
a) —
б) has
в) one of
г) that of+

15. I feel______today than I did last week.
a) much better +
б) no better
в) more good
г) more better

16. No animal is so big______King Kong.
a) as +
б) than
в) so
г) that

17. It took Kate______to do this work.
a) long
в) as long
б) the longest
г) much longer+

18. We are going to continue our work ____________all criticism.
а) although
б) though
в) however
г) despite+

19. ________ high interest among critics the book was never published.
а) However
б) Although
в) Despite+
г) Though

20. The smaller a garden is______it is to look after.
a) the easier +
б) easier
в) more easy
г) most easy

21. This room is not so ________ as that one on the first floor.
а) more comfortable
б) the most comfortable
в) comfortable+

22. The benefit was______great a success that the promoters decided to repeat it.
a) so +
б) as
в) such
г) like

23. John is______a wonderful person: he is very friendly, gay, he has much talent.
a) so
б) quite
в) rather
г) such+

24. Mark was sure to get acknowledged as he worked______.
a) hardly
б) too hardly
в) hardly enough
г) hard enough+

25. The more you learn ________ you become.
а) the smartest
б) smarter
в) the smarter+

26. Some men are ____________without being fortunate, others are fortunate without being happy.
а) fortunate
б) happy+
в) lucky

27. Paul was ____________to have won a lot of money in a state lottery.
а) lucky+
б) fortunate
в) happy

28. Julia had always thought herself ____________in everything she undertook.
а) lucky
б) fortunate+
в) happy

29. _________ the earthquake, Haiti’s population continues to grow.
а) Although
б) Though
в) However
г) Despite+

30. _________ protests of ecologists, many rain forests have been destroyed.
а) However
б) Despite+
в) Though

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