Тест с ответами: «Present Perfect»

1. Nick ___ a live football match before.
a) has never seen+
б) have never seen
в) hasn’t never seen

2. We ___ some furniture for our new flat.
a) have already chosen+
б) has already chosen
в) have already chose

3. My wife ___ invitations for the party.
a) has already send
б) has already sent+
в) have already sent

4. Я не видел его с тех пор, как мы были детьми. I _________ him since we were kids.
а) haven’t seen+
б) hasn’t seen
в) didn’t see

5. Анна купила что-нибудь на этой неделе?
а) Have Anna bought anything this week?
б) Did Anna bought anything this week?
в) Has Anna bought anything this week?+

6. Я никогда не посещал раньше зубного врача.
a) I have never visited a dentist before+
б) I was never visited a dentist before
в) I have never visit a dentist before

7. Определите верный вариант предложения.
a) I haven’t talked to my parents for ages+
б) I didn’t talked to my parents for ages
в) I hasn’t talked to my parents for ages

8. Why ___ so sad recently?
a) have he been
б) has he been+
в) did he been

9. They ___ for the exams yet.
a) haven’t prepared+
б) hasn’t prepared
в) not prepared

10. ___ your sister with the washing–up?
a) Have you help
б) Has you helped
в) Have you helped+

11. — Ты когда нибудь был на музыкальном фестивале? — Нет я никогда не был там.
a) Did you ever been at a music festival? — No, I haven’t been there yet.
б) Have you ever been at a music festival? — No, I have never been there.+
в) Have you ever be at a music festival? — No, I haven’t never been there.

12. Том тебе уже перезвонил?
а) Did Tom call you back yet?
б) Has Tom call you back yet?
в) Has Tom called you back yet?+

13. Эмма купила это для меня на прошлой неделе. Emma _________ it for me last week.
а) bought+
б) have bought
в) has bought

14. Я только что купил тебе обед. I _________ you lunch.
а) have just bought+
б) just bought
в) have just buy

15. Anna __ a lot this year, so she __. the exams without any problems.
a) have studied, pass
б) has studied, will pass+
в) studies, passes

16. His spirits _________ a little. He’s all right now.
a) have revived+
б) has revived
в) revived

17. “I _________ the letter you asked about, sir,” said the butler.
a) ‘s brought
б) brought
в) ‘ve brought+

18. He _________ his driving test. He is so happy. He hasn’t been able to pass it for three years.
a) just passed
б) have just passed
в) has just passed+

19. I _________ my keys. I can’t get in.
a) have lost+
б) lost
в) have losed

20. The taxi _________ . Hurry up!
a) has irrived+
б) have arrived
в) arrives

21. Oxford University Press ___ thousands of books.
a) was published
б) have published
в) has published+

22. He ___ his cottage yet.
a) haven’t sold
б) not has sold
в) hasn’t sold+

23. Он не заплатил мне в этом месяце. He _________ me this month.
а) didn’t pay
б) hasn’t paid+
в) have not paid

24. Where is your purse? I ___ it.
a) was lost
б) has lost
в) have lost+

25. He ___ his work. Why don’t we invite him out?
a) has finish
б) has finished+
в) have finished

26. I ___ a computer since I was three.
a) has had
б) have had+
в) has have

27. Определите верный вариант предложения.
a) Hurry up, the lesson has just started!+
б) Hurry up, the lesson just started!
в) Hurry up, the lesson have just started!

28. ___ the lottery?
a) Have you ever won+
б) Has you ever won
в) Have you ever win

29. She ___ a job so far.
a) hasn’t found+
б) haven’t found
в) not has found

30. Мне жаль, что я не читала Гамлета. I’m sorry that I _________ Hamlet.
а) don’t read
б) didn’t read
в) haven’t read+

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