Тест с ответами: «Present Continuous»

1. The students ___ a new project this semester.
a) are doing+
б) is doing
в) doing

2. ___ any languages at the moment?
a) Are you studing
б) Are you study
в) Are you studying+

3. My sister ___ a shower at the moment.
a) is having+
б) is have
в) are having

4. I ___ what you mean.
a) am not understanding
б) don’t understand+
в) am not understand

5. I ___________for my friend in the street.
a) am waiting+
б) waiting
в) waits

6. Look! She ______ her homework on the Russian language.
a) are doing
б) is doing+
в) doing

7. He ___ to use a computer at the moment.
a) are learning
б) is learn
в) is learning+

8. My parents ___ anything on TV right now.
a) aren’t watching+
б) aren’t watch
в) isn’t watching

9. Ron and Michael ___ at the table and doing their homework.
a) is sitting
б) are siting
в) are sitting+

10. Marta ___ with other children in her room.
a) is playing+
б) playing
в) are playing

11. Why ___ I wonder?
a) is you crying
б) do you crying
в) are you crying+

12. My dad ___ my bike right now.
a) are repairing
б) is repairing+
в) is repair

13. Look! It ___ anymore.
a) is raining
б) isn’t raining+
в) aren’t raining

14. Chris ___ in bed with a backache.
a) is liing
б) is lieing
в) is lying+

15. I ___ to find a place to stay at the moment.
a) trying
б) am trying+
в) am try

16. Listen! Somebody _____ a lovely song.
a) sings
б) is singing+
в) are singing

17. ___ in the park right now?
a) Is she run
б) Is she running+
в) Is she runing

18. ___ this birthday party.
a) I’m not enjoy
б) I’m not enjoing
в) I’m not enjoying+

19. Don’t make so much noise. I _____ to work.
a) ’m triing
б) tried
в) ’m trying+

20. I _____ to you attentively.
a) am listening+
б) listen

21. I’m sure you _____ the right choice.
a) make
б) are making+
в) will be made

22. Что ты сейчас делаешь?
а) What you are doing right now?
б) What do you do right now?
в) What are you doing right now?+

23. Я мою машину моего брата. I _____ my brother’s car.
а) am washed
б) am washing+
в) are washing

24. Отец хочет кое-что тебе показать. Dad _____ to show you something.
а) is wanting
б) wants+
в) are wanting

25. С кем ты разговариваешь?
а) Who are you talk to?
б) Who are you talking to?+
в) Who you are talking to?

26. Listen! Mia _________ the piano. She is a pianist.
a) is playing
б) plays+
в) play

27. Take your umbrella. It _____ cats and dogs.
a) rained
б) is raining+
в) are raining

28. Твой план не работает. Your plan _____.
а) don’t work
б) are not working
в) isn’t working+

29. What ___ you _____ now?
a) is ___doing+
б) are __doing
в) am __doing

30. A beautiful squirrel _______ a nut now.
a) is eating+
б) eating
в) are not eating

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