Тест с ответами: «Possessive Case (притяжательный падеж)»

1. My _____ friend is in Kiev now.
a) fathers’
б) father
в) father’s+
г) fathers’s

2. My _____ car is new.
a) sister’s-in law
б) sisters’s-in law
в) sister-in law’s+
г) sister-in-law

3. Mr. Watson was satisfied with the results of speaking to _____fathers.
a) Bob’s and Mike’s+
б) Bob and Mike’s
в) Bob’s and Mike
г) Bob and Mike

4. Mr. Smith was satisfied with the results of speaking to _____father.
a) Bob’s and Mike’s
б) Bob and Mike’s+
в) Bob’s and Mike
г) Bob and Mike

5. _____ meeting has been cancelled.
a) Tomorrow’
б) Tomorrows’
в) Tomorrows’s
г) Tomorrow’s+

6. Michael had read all _____ plays when he studied at school.
a) Shakespear and Shaw plays
б) Shakespear’s and Shaw plays
в) Shakespear and Shaw’s plays
г) Shakespear’s and Shaw’s plays+

7. You can find here a variety of _____ .
а) haircut styles of the girls
б) girls’ haircut styles+

8. _____ is big.
а) Marcus’ foot+
б) Marcus of the foot

9. You can buy it at the _____
a) chemist
б) chemists
в) chemist’s+
г) chemists’

10. This is my _____ room.
a) children
б) childrens
в) children’s+
г) childrens’

11. _____ is very bright.
а) The computer’s screen
б) The screen of my computer+

12. I cannot look at ________. It’s so terrifying.
а) doctor scalpel’s
б) doctor’s scalpel+
в) doctor scalpels’
г) doctors scalpel

13. _______ was on the table. Where is it?
а) mother credit card’s
б) mother credit’s card
в) mothers credit card
г) mother’s credit card+

14. _____ are built to withstand the wind.
а) skyscrapers of the Chicago
б) Chicago’s skyscrapers+

15. _____ got stuck in a tree.
а) David’s kite+
б) The kite of David’s

16. Have you seen our _________? In my opinion it’s very beautiful.
а) relatives garden
б) relatives’ garden+
в) relatives garden’s
г) relative’s garden

17. In many states, for example, education __________ girls was free.
а) —
б) about
в) by
г) for+

18. _________car is black.
а) John and Mary’s+
б) John and Mary
в) John’s and Mary’s

19. _________ family lives in London.
а) Mary’s father+
б) Mary father’s
в) Mary father

20. In a few minutes, you’ll be ___________ problem.
а) somebody else’s+
б) somebody else
в) somebody’s else’s
г) somebody’s else

21. Last(week) … history results came back yesterday.
а) week
б) weeks
в) weeks’
г) week’s+
д) weekses’

22. Society and parents now pay more attention to ____________ education.
а) childs
б) childrens’
в) childrens
г) children’s+

23. _________ cat is brown.
а) My parents
б) My parent
в) My parents’+

24. The recipe you want was in _____ .
a) last Sundays’ paper
б) last Sunday paper’s
в) last Sunday’s paper+
г) last Sunday paper

25. The _____ qualifications have been questioned recently.
a) commander-in-chief
б) commander-in-chief’s+
в) commanders’-in-chief’s
г) commander’s-in-chiefs

26. _________ is a doctor.
а) My sister’s husband+
б) My sister husband
в) My sister husband’s

27. He had a _____ last month.
а) week’s business trip+
б) business trip of week

28. Guys like _________ names anyways.
а) girl
б) girl’s
в) girls
г) girls’+

29. It is _____________, isn’t it?
а) Kate’s reference book+
б) Kate reference book’s
в) Kates reference book
г) Kate references’ book

30. The ____________ were colourful but expensive.
а) postmen’ stamps
б) postmens’ stamps
в) postmen’s stamps+
г) postmen stamps’

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