Тест с ответами по английскому языку для 7 класса

1. Kara ___ her breakfast now.
a) has
б) had
в) is having +

2. Tom ___ his dog Spot very much.
a) is liking
б) like
в) likes +

3. We _____ the first prize last month.
a) win
б) won +
в) have won

4. _____Oka flows into _____Volga.
a) -, the
б) the, the +
в) the, —

5. This work _____tomorrow.
a) will do
б) will be done +
в) will done

6. I think I ___ this computer next month.
a) will buy+
б) buy
в) bought

7. These jeans ___ in China.
a) is made
б) are made+
в) have made

8. My question _____two days ago.
a) will answer
б) will be answered
в) was answered +

9. St Petersburg _____in 1703.
a) was founded +
б) is founded
в) will be founded

10. She _______the picture today.
а) painted
б) has painted+
в) paint
г) have painted
д) are painting

11. Anna mops the floor three times ___ week
a) in
б) a+
в) the

12. Open your book on page ___ ten.
a) a
б) —+
в) the

13. Have you seen ___ second part of the film?
a) the+
б) a
в) —

14. _____you _____a lot of friends last Friday?
a) Did _____invite +
б) have _____invited
в) Do _____invite

15. _____you_____a present last birthday?
a) Have _____got
б) Did _____got
в) Did_____get +

16. She always _____homework.
a) does +
б) do
в) done

17. Four times ______ day.
а) Any
б) An
в) The
г) A+
д) —

18. We ___ some fish soup for dinner yesterday.
a) haved
б) had+
в) have

19. Excuse me, but this seat is ___
a) mine+
б) me
в) my

20. If you know the poem, you ___ to learn it again.
a) must not
б) don’t have+
в) can not

21. ____ Penny come back next week?
а) will be
б) —
в) will+

22. When we get a Paddington station, I _____ you a postcard.
а) will send +
б) send
в) ’l send

23. There are_______ books on the shelf.
а) Few+
б) Little
в) An
г) A
д) Small

24. My book _______by my friend.
а) Taken
б) Takes
в) Was taken+
г) Were taking
д) Was took

25. Hockey _____in winter.
a) is played +
б) was played
в) play

26. Mushrooms _____in autumn.
a) were gathered
б) are gathered +
в) will gather

27. Sasha and Omar built the house_______.
а) Myself
б) Herself
в) Himself
г) Ourselves
д) Themselves+

28. After classes I ____ to English club.
а) will go +
б) go
в) am go

29. The meeting ______ tomorrow.
а) is hold
б) will hold+
в) hold

30. Next month our family ______ a big van.
а) sell
б) sells
в) will sell+

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