Тест с ответами по английскому языку для 5 класса

1. There are a lot of yellow ___ on the ground.
a) leafs
б) leaves+
в) leavs

2. The Stones have three ___ in the family.
a) childrens
б) childs
в) children +

3. Give ____ him this book.
а) in
б) to
в) — +
г) on
д) by

4. The family went to the sea _____ bus.
а) in
б) to
в) from
г) on
д) by+

5. Olga ________ a book now.
а) is reading+
б) read
в) reading

6. There is a big poster ___ the wall in Tom’s room.
a) on+
б) in
в) under

7. It is my ___ car.
a) parent’s
б) parents’s
в) parents’ +

8. The boys _______ the window yesterday.
а) brouke
б) brake
в) broke+

9. We live _____ a noisy city.
а) in+
б) to
в) from
г) on
д) by

10. It was very cold ____ Monday.
а) in
б) to
в) from
г) on+
д) by

11. Do you learn poems ____ heart at school?
а) in
б) to
в) from
г) on
д) by+

12. My favourite subject ___________ English.
a) Is +
б) Are
в) Have

13. There is a fireplace ___ his living-room.
a) behind
б) in+
в) in front of

14. This is ___ room.
a) childrens’
б) children
в) children’s +

15. Those are ___ shoes.
a) Anna’s+
б) Anna
в) Annas’

16. There _________ 20 pupils in our class.
a) Is
б) Have
в) Are +

17. Mike ________ happy yesterday.
а) was+
б) were
в) was is

18. My father ________ TV.
а) doesn’t often watch+
б) doesn’t often watched
в) doesn’t often watching

19. My father _________ Great Britain last year.
а) visiting
б) visited+
в) is visited

20. This is _______ friend.
a) he
б) my +
в) I
г) we

21. She _______ taken the bag.
a) have
б) has +
в) is
г) —

22. We _______ children.
a) is
б) are +
в) am
г) –

23. ___ is a bus.
a) this+
б) those
в) these

24. ___ are Tom’s rulers.
a) that
б) this
в) those +

25. What ___ Anna got in her schoolbag?
a) have
б) has+
в) is

26. Telephone boxes _______ brown.
a) is
б) are +
в) am
г) –

27. _______ often visit their friends.
a) The Browns +
б) Browns
в) Browns’
г) The Browns’

28. I ________ see three boys in the park.
a) Am
б) Have
в) Can +

29. A bear __________ four legs.
a) Have
б) Can
в) Has +

30. We ____________ 5 lessons on Friday.
a) Are
б) Is
в) Have +

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