Тест с ответами: «Past Simple»

1. Don’t worry about her letter. I _____ it the day before yesterday.
a) have sent
б) sent+
в) sended

2. My wife _____ in the bank for three years since 1990 to 1993.
a) was worked
б) worked+
в) had worked

3. We _____ a holiday last week.
a) haven’t had
б) didn’t have+
в) haven’t had

4. Ann wasn’t hungry, so she ______ anything.
a) didn’t eat+
б) didn’t eated
в) didn’t ate

5. Last winter she _____ by plane to New York.
a) fly
б) flew+
в) flyed

6. When you _____ to your parents last time?
a) wrote
б) write+
в) writed

7. Yesterday Mr. Smith _____ too much at the party.
a) drank+
б) drinked
в) drunk

8. My aunt ___ a yacht last year.
a) did buy
б) bought+
в) buyed

9. She ___ Spanish when she was at school.
a) study
б) did study
в) studied+

10. I ___ the bills last month.
a) didn’t pay+
б) didn’t paid
в) payed

11. Last Sunday we _____ to the local club to play table tennis.
a) did go
б) went+
в) goed

12. My grandparents ______ green tea last Sunday.
a) drank+
б) drinked
в) dranked

13. Our uncle _______ the guitar three days ago.
a) did play
б) played+
в) plaed

14. I _____ very susprised as she usually _____ it herself.
a) was_____does
б) were_____did
в) was_____doed
d) was_____did+

15. But in those days my uncle was so weak, that he _____ any work in the garden.
a) couldn’t do+
б) cannot do
в) couldn’t did
d) cannot did

16. When ___ your new garage?
a) did you built
б) did you build+
в) you built

17. The performance was boring. I ___ it.
a) enjoy
б) didn’t enjoyed
в) didn’t enjoy+

18. Nobody ___ while we were having breakfast.
a) didn’t phone
б) phoned+
в) did phone

19. So I _____ to take care of her flowers too.
a) tried+
б) tryed
в) try
d) trew

20. ___ a new movie yesterday?
a) Watched you
б) Did you watch+
в) Did you watched

21. It was my sister’s birthday on Sunday, so I ___ her a postcard.
a) sent+
б) send
в) sended

22. Fortunately in two weeks my mother _____ better.
a) get
б) to get
в) got+
d) gotten

23. And I _____ some free time and _____ sightseeing
a) had_____enjoy
б) had_____enjoied
в) had_____enjoyed+
d) haved_____enjoyed

24. We ___ last day due to the nasty weather.
a) didn’t went out
б) did go out
в) didn’t go out+

25. Who ___ the first paraplane?
a) did invented
б) did invent
в) invented+

26. Samantha ___ her English exam successfully yesterday.
a) passed+
б) pased
в) did pass

27. My grandmother ___ violin very well when she was young.
a) can play
б) could play+
в) could played

28. We ___ a lot last year.
a) did travel
б) travelled+
в) did travelled

29. When ___ Max?
a) did you last see+
б) did you last saw
в) you last saw

30. We ___ a nice time at seaside last spring.
a) had+
б) did have
в) haved

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