Тест с ответами: «Past Perfect Continuous и Past Perfect Simple»

1. They were not home. They _________ on a cruise.
а) had went
б) haved gone
в) had gone+

2. If I _________ a cup of tea on the table, he _________ it.
а) hadn’t leave, wouldn’t have dropped
б) haven’t left, wouldn’t had dropped
в) hadn’t left, wouldn’t have dropped+

3. The question ___________ now is very important.
а) being discussed+
б) being discuss
в) be discussed

4. ________ in the beautiful box, the flowers looked very lovely.
а) Packing
б) Pack
в) Packed+

5. ________ the mountains, they heard a man calling for help.
а) Descending+
б) Descend
в) Descended

6. __________ by everybody, he became a monk.
а) Having been reject
б) Have been rejected
в) Having been rejected+

7. Sally _________ for two years when she ___________ the race.
a) trained / entered
б) was training / was entering
в) had trained / had entered
г) had been training / entered+

8. I _________ Glasgow since I was little.
а) had visit never
б) had visited never
в) had never visited+

9. If you _________ the cheese in the fridge it wouldn’t …
а) have put, have spoiled.
б) had put, have spoiled.+
в) had put had spoiled.

10. _________ in Barcelona, when she went shopping.
а) Hardly had arrived she
б) Hardly had she arrived+
в) Hardly she had arrived

11. It ____________ and the ground _______ white.
a) had been snowing / was+
б) was snowing / had been
в) had snowed / was
г) had been snowing / was being

12. By his death, the composer _____________.
a) had written+
б) was writing
в) had been writing
г) wrote

13. __________ by the film, they kept silent.
а) Being impressed +
б) Being impress
в) Being impressing

14. Mary insisted that she ___ the ring from the drawer.
a) not had been taking
б) hadn’t taken+
в) hadn’t been taking

15. I ___ the golf club before Martin did it.
a) had joined+
б) had been joining
в) had been join

16. We were very tired at the end of the trip. We ___ for ten hours.
a) had driven
б) had drove
в) had been driving+

17. _________ the wrong direction, the travellers soon lost their way.
а) Having been showed
б) Having been shown+
в) Having been show

18. We __________ when somebody __________ at the door.
a) were talking / was knocking
б) had been talking / knocked
в) were talking / knocked+
г) had been talking / had knocked

19. Ian ____________ at the factory long when he ___________ a manager.
a) was working / had been made
б) had been working / was made+
в) had been working / made
г) had worked / made

20. _________ the book, the student couldn’t remember the topic.
а) Having lost +
б) Having losted
в) Having losting

21. He spent the whole day ________ a book.
а) read
б) reading+
в) readed

22. _________ around America for a month, she returned to England.
а) Having travelling
б) Having travell
в) Having travelled+

23. He watched Mike ______ out of the door and cross the street.
а) go+
б) gone
в) goes

24. I ___ to see Lena at the disco but she didn’t turn up.
a) had been expecting
б) been expected
в) had expected+

25. They ___ the same restaurant for years before they found a better one.
a) had visited
б) had been visiting+
в) had been visit

26. Sam ___ to go to the wedding but he couldn’t take a day off work.
a) had want
б) had been wanting
в) had wanted+

27. Jack said he ___ tickets for the concert.
a) had booked+
б) had been booked
в) had been booking

28. Mike said they ___ at the airport for two days because of the delay of their flight.
a) had staying
б) had been staying+
в) had stayed

29. Andrew said he___ to China before.
a) hadn’t never been
б) had never being
в) had never been+

30. We ___ for half an hour when Dan finally joined us.
a) had eaten
б) had been eating+
в) had eating

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