Тест с ответами: «Past Continuous»

1. Aleksandr broke his leg a week ago. He ____ football with his team yesterday.
a) wasn’t playing+
б) was’nt playing
в) wasn’t plaing

2. When the teacher came, the students ____ a lot of noise.
a) were making+
б) was making
в) wasn’t making

3. Anna ____ a shower, so she didn’t hear the phone ringing.
a) was having+
б) were having
в) was have

4. What _____ you _____ yesterday evening? — I _____ in the club.
a) was __ doing? was dancing
б) were __ doing? was dancing+
в) were __ making? was dancing

5. I __ attention to it while I ____ the documents, so I made several mistakes.
a) wasn’t paying, was typing.+
б) was paying, was typing.
в) was pay, was typing

6. Just as Tom _____ the street, a car came round the corner.
a) was crossing+
б) crossed
в) were crossing

7. While my mom _____ the dinner, I was doing some homework.
a) were cooking
б) was cooking+
в) was cookking

8. __ she __ the whole evening yesterday after such a sad movie?
a) Was __ crying?+
б) were __ crying?
в) Was __ cryeing?

9. At 8 o’clock Ann _____ a breakfast.
a) was having+
б) were having
в) weren’t having

10. Samantha was at the party last night. She ___ a very nice dress.
a) wearing
б) was wearing+
в) were wearing

11. ___ at 9 p.m. yesterday?
a) Knitting she
б) Were she knitting
в) Was she knitting+

12. We ___ along the coast all evening yesterday.
a) was driving
б) were driving+
в) were drive

13. Kate’s elder brother said that he _____ to enter Leeds University.
a) will go
б) was going+
в) would go

14. On coming up to the house I saw a man who _____ to unlock the door by force.
a) was trying+
б) tried

15. I saw a light in your window as I _____ by.
a) had passed
б) passed
в) was passing+

16. While my son _____ for my call, somebody knocked at the door.
a) waited
б) was waiting+
в) had waited

17. I ___ anything this time yesterday.
a) wasn’t doing+
б) weren’t doing
в) not doing

18. We ___ a snowman all morning yesterday.
a) were making+
б) were make
в) was making

19. Вчера в 6 часов вечера я готовила ужин. Yesterday at 6 p.m. I ___________ dinner.
а) was cooking+
б) cooked
в) were cooking

20. Дети смотрели телевизор пока Эмили работала. The children ___________ TV while Emily ___________
а) watched, was working
б) were watching, was working+
в) were watching, worked

21. I didn’t go to work yesterday. I ___ well.
a) wasn’t be feel
б) wasn’t feeling+
в) weren’t feeling

22. When I met Tim in the shop, he ___ for a new computer.
a) was looking+
б) were looking
в) was look

23. Sally and Ann ___ in the park when it started raining.
a) was running
б) were run
в) were running+

24. When I got home, my sister ___ with a kitten.
a) playing
б) was playing+
в) were playing

25. Where were you yesterday evening? I ___ my niece in hospital.
a) was visiting+
б) was visit
в) were visiting

26. Когда я пришел они не спорили. When I ___________ they ___________
а) came, didn’t fight
б) come, were not fighting.
в) came, were not fighting.+

27. Вчера я видел Билла в банке. Yesterday I ___________ Bill in the bank.
а) saw+
б) was seeing
в) seen

28. The children _______, when the dog started barking.
a) were sleeping+
б) was sleeping
в) was not sleeping

29. What _____ the students_______ at the lesson of literature?
a) was __ discussing?
б) were __ discussing?+
в) were __ discuss?

30. Что ты пытался рассказать мне вчера на вечеринке? What ___________ to tell me at the party yesterday?
а) did you try
б) was you trying
в) were you trying+

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