Тест с ответами: «Passive Voice (страдательный залог)»

1. This gorgeous cake _____ by my sister! She’s a culinary genius!
а) will be made
б) was being made
в) has just been made +
г) was made

2. This church _____ in the center of the city.
а) are located
б) is located +
в) am located
г) have been located

3. I suddenly remembered that the book______at home.
a) had been left +
б) had left
в) was left
г) has been left

4. The flat______into before you arrived.
a) had moved
б) isn’t moved
в) hadn’t been moved +
г) was moved

5. I wanted to watch TV but it _______ at that time.
а) was fixed
б) was being fixed +
в) is being fixed
г) will have been fixed

6. Don’t cry! The dog _____ . There’s nothing serious with it.
а) will be cured +
б) is cured
в) was being cured
г) will have been cured

7. A lot of harm _____ by this hurricane. Many people have suffered.
а) have been done
б) has been done +
в) is done
г) was done

8. The children______to bed early yesterday.
a) had been put
б) are put
в) put
г) were put+

9. I haven’t got a large appetite and when I______my favourite food, I leave half of it on the plate.
a) was given
б) have given
в) gave
г) am given+

10. My father______that roast meat is not healthy.
a) persuaded
б) has persuaded
в) has been persuaded +
г) persuades

11. She stood in the shadows of the jungle, knowing that she ______by the Indians.
a) must follow
б) must have been followed+
в) must have followed
г) followed

12. She thought the arrow______poisoned.
a) is
б) can be
в) may be
г) could be+

13. Many new houses______in our street by next year.
a) will build
б) are building
в) have built
г) ’11 have been built+

14. The questions______by the teacher now.
a) are asked
б) are being asked+
в) are asking
г) have been asked

15. Some of the rice______ plain to enable us to eat it with other dishes.
a) is left+
б) is leaving
в) left
г) is being left

16. The cake smells so nice. It ___.
а) is just baked
б) will just be baked
в) has just been baked+

17. The story of the first Thanksgiving feast______among the Americans.
a) is well-known+
б) have been well-known
в) would have been well-known
г) was well-known

18. The students______on the topic «Industrial Revolution» at the end of the term.
a) will be tested +
б) will have been tested
в) are being tested
г) were tested

19. Now London’s councilmen______to approve the erection of a life-size statue of Charlie Chaplain in the costume that the British-born comedian made famous in his films.
a) being asked
б) are being asked+
в) asked
г) was asked

20. An old woman ___ while she was living with her children.
а) is being looked after
б) was being looked after+
в) will be looked after

21. The famous actress______now for the «HELLO» magazine.
a) is interview
б) is being interviewed+
в) interview
г) was interviewed

22. All tickets______before we got in the theatre.
a) were sold
б) are sold
в) have sold
г) had been sold+

23. Students______next Thursday.
a) will be examined+
б) are examined
в) will examine
г) have been examined

24. «A Farewell to Arms»______in 1929.
a) was published+
б) published
в) were published
г) has published

25. The dinner______by five o’clock tomorrow.
a) will be served
б) will have been served+
в) is served
г) will serve

26. The documents ___ by 8 p.m.
а) will be signed
б) are signed
в) will have been signed+

27. My computer ___ at the moment.
а) has been repaired
б) was being repaired
в) is being repaired+

28. The exams ___ by 3 in the afternoon.
а) are being finished
б) were being finished
в) will have been finished+

29. Over 50 million students______in American schools which range from kindergartens to high school.
a) were enrolled
б) has enrolled
в) are enrolled +
г) was enrolled

30. America’s first college, Harvard,______in Massachusetts in the 17th century.
a) is being founded
б) was founded+
в) had been founded
г) has been founded

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