Тест с ответами: «Местоимения и слова-определители в английском языке»

1. We saw a lot of books at the shop, but _____ was good enough to buy.
a) none of them +
б) not some of them
в) no of them
г) only any of them

2. Samantha has got just the same bicycle as you do. Is this one ___?
а) hers+
б) she
в) her

3. My father came into the house but nobody noticed ___.
а) his
б) he
в) him+

4. He didn’t do it. You cannot blame _____ .
a) his
б) him+
в) himself
г) he

5. Alex and Daniela stood in front of the mirror and looked at _____.
a) each other
б) one another
в) themselves +
г) them

6. The tart is so tasty. Can I have the rest of ___?
а) its
б) it+
в) his

7. The children asked if ___ could go skiing.
а) they+
б) them
в) their

8. You should not upset Michael. Give _____ his bag back as soon as possible.
а) his
б) him+
в) he

9. That boy gave _____ the wrong phone number just to make fun of me.
а) my
б) I
в) me+

10. I hate doing all the floor cleaning _____ .
а) by myself+
б) for myself
в) ourselves

11. Have you seen John? I need to talk to _____ .
а) he
б) him+
в) his

12. The party was terrible! He really enjoyed _____ .
а) oneselves
б) themselves
в) himself+

13. Have you got _____ heavy bags? Let me help you.
a) any +
б) some
в) a

14. «Would you like _____ to drink?» asked Jim.
а) anything
б) something +
в) some

15. We spent _____ money.
a) few
б) plenty
в) a lot of +
г) many

16. Mary works in a big company. ___ is an accountant.
а) She+
б) Her
в) Hers

17. We bought this bicycle a day ago, so it’s ___.
а) ours+
б) we
в) our

18. May I offer ___ something to eat?
а) yours
б) your
в) you+

19. Some _____ goods have become more expensive nowadays.
a) others
б) the others
d) other+

20. My brothers are busy. I don’t want to disturb ___.
а) them+
б) theirs
в) their

21. This church is very old. ___ history dates back to the 10th century.
а) Its+
б) His
в) It

22. I haven’t seen this woman before. Do you know _____ name?
а) she
б) her+
в) hers

23. It’s _____ things, not ours!
а) you
б) yours
в) your+

24. My house is smaller than hers, but _____ is less expensive.
а) she
б) her
в) hers+

25. I believe that today young people have a lot of wrong thoughts. They should think for _____ .
а) by themselves
б) themselves+
в) ourselves

26. ___ all can be dreamy at times.
а) Our
б) We+
в) Us

27. Mia is divorced. _____ former husband works for an famous company.
а) He
б) Her+
в) Hers

28. If there are _____ calls for me, can you ask them to come to me?
a) some
б) any+
в) none
г) no

29. While I was making the soup my small brother cut _____ with a sharp knife.
а) his
б) him
в) himself+

30. There are many good friends in the town. You can stay at _____ of them.
a) no
б) any+
в) some
г) all

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