Тест с ответами: «Инфинитив в английском языке»

1. We arranged ___ back home on 10 June.
a) return
б) returning
в) to return+

2. All children enjoy ___ sweets.
a) to eat
б) to eating
в) eating+

3. I can’t stand ___ in the countryside.
a) to live
б) living+
в) to living

4. What are you going to do after ___ school?
a) finishing+
б) to finish
в) to finishing

5. Mike warned his sister not ___ back late.
a) to coming
б) to come+
в) come

6. We decided ___ home as it was raining hard.
a) stay
б) to stay+
в) staying

7. Don’t forget ___ everything I asked for.
a) to buy+
б) buying
в) to buying

8. So, why not ____ there right away?
a) go+
б) to go

9. We usually learn ___ at school.
a) reading
б) read
в) to read+

10. Ann didn’t know what ___.
a) answering
б) to answer+
в) answer

11. Lucy can’t imagine herself ___ a lorry.
a) driving+
б) to driving
в) to drive

12. Sam hopes ___ an academic scholarship.
a) get
б) getting
в) to get+

13. We can’t risk ___ our flight.
a) to missing
б) to miss
в) missing+

14. May I … in? – Yes, please.
a) to come
б) come+

15. I am too busy ______ your problems.
а) solve
б) to be solving
в) to solve+

16. I wish I could ______ to London.
а) move+
б) to move
в) to have moved

17. Mark insists on ___ a picnic this Sunday.
a) having+
б) have
в) to having

18. Nick promised ___ everything secret.
a) keeping
б) to keep+
в) keep

19. I can remember ___ into the river when I was ten.
a) fall
б) to fall
в) falling+

20. It is better______ sure than sorry.
a) be
б) to be+

21. It is up to you _______ all these rules.
a) learn+
б) to learn

22. We decided _____ extra risks.
a) not take
б) to not take
в) not to take+

23. She returned to his office ______ for some extra money.
а) to ask+
б) to have asked
в) to be asking

24. We saw them ______ .
а) to kiss
б) have kissed
в) kiss+

25. We are leaving in 20 minutes ______ the bus to Liverpool.
а) to have caught
б) to catch+
в) to be catching

26. Unfortunately, I don’t have enough money ______ this trip.
а) afford
б) to afford+
в) to have afforded

27. He offered me ______ my bag but I told him it wasn’t heavy.
а) to carry+
б) to have carried
в) to be carrying

28. It is nice ______ you again!
а) to have seen
б) to see+
в) see

29. Why not ______ people about it?
а) tell+
б) to have told
в) to tell

30. I would like ______ to London.
а) move
б) to move+
в) to have moved

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