Тест с ответами: «Герундий и причастие в английском языке»

1. Do you like ______ curling?
a) playing +
б) play
в) to play
г) of playing

2. When we have a birthday party, my father likes ______ the guitar.
a) playing
б) to play+
в) play
г) be playing

3. Jake was never a good boyfriend. If I were you I would try ______ him.
a) to forget +
б) for forgetting
в) forgetting
г) forget

4. If your towel are very dirty, try ______ _ them in a salt.
a) to wash
б) wash
в) washing+
г) for washing

5. Please stop ______ so rude!
a) to speak
б) speak
в) speaking +
г) to be speaking

6. When he looked out of the window he saw a grandmother ______ on the bench under the apple tree.
a) to sit
б) sitting+
в) sit
г) be sitting

7. You had better ______ your homework more seriously.
a) take +
б) taking
в) to take
г) are taking

8. Can you hear two women ______ an argument?
a) have
б) to have
в) having +
г) are having

9. I unfortunately often saw those who ______ as little as you do.
a) eat +
б) in eating
в) to eat
г) eating

10. When she entered to your office she watched the secretary ______ on the phone.
a) in talking
б) talk
в) to talk
г) talking+

11. I don’t want ______ out.
a) against eating
б) eating+
в) eat
г) to eat

12. I hope ______ Saint Petersburg State University.
a) for entering
б) of entering
в) to enter +
г) entering

13. They haven’t heard me ______ in.
a) coming
б) come+
в) to come
г) on coming

14. I heard my sister ______ up and ______ on the radio.
a) waking, turning
б) waking, turn
в) wake, turning
г) wake, turn+

15. When I woke up at five in the morning, I could hear my grandfather ______ .
a) to cough
б) coughing+
в) cough
г) coughed

16. Не used ______ a lot of «drama» books when a teenager.
a) read
б) for reading
в) reading
г) to read+

17. He is not used ______ ballet on TV.
a) to watch
б) to watching+
в) for watching
г) watch

18. This article seems ______in 18’th century.
а) to write
б) writing
в) to have been written+
г) written

19. Your son must ______ in the yard now.
а) playing
б) play
в) have played
г) be playing+

20. When he saw me ______ along the street, he came up to me.
a) go
б) while going
в) going +
г) to go

21. I’m happy ______ abroad last spring.
а) to have gone+
б) going
в) being gone
г) having gone

22. ______ the breakfast she went shopping.
а) Cooked
б) To cook
в) Having cooked+
г) Cooking

23. It’s her new ______ teacher.
а) dancing+
б) to dance
в) danced
г) to have dance

24. My parents never ______ me a lullaby.
a) singing
б) to singing
в) to sing
г) sang+

25. The librarian allowed us ______ archival material while writing the report.
a) to use +
б) use
в) using
г) used

26. The scientists expected the meeting ______ in the scientific library.
a) to hold
б) holding
в) to be held +
г) to be holding

27. What makes him ______ so glad of extraneous` persons?
a) to be
б) be+
в) being
г) to have been

28. I am thinking ______ my car.
a) selling
б) to sell
в) of selling +
г) is selling

29. I would rather ______ her the lie.
a) have told
б) telling
в) to tell
г) tell+

30. I want my sister ______ the work as soon as possible.
a) finishing
б) finishes
в) to finish +
г) finish

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