Тест с ответами: «Future Simple»

1. The plane ___ at 10 tomorrow morning.
a) is landing
б) lands+
в) is going to land

2. I ___ paint my living room green.
a) will be
б) am
в) am going to+

3. Моя сестра будет играть на гитаре завтра.
a) My sister will play the guitar tomorrow.+
б) My sister shall play the guitar tomorrow.
в) My sister will’ play the guitar tomorrow.

4. Ты пойдешь в театр в субботу?
a) Shall you go to the theatre on Saturday?
б) Will you go to the theatre on Saturday?+
в) Want you go to the theatre on Saturday?

5. It’s late. I think I _____ a taxi.
a) am take
б) will take
в) shall take

6. We don’t know their address. What _____ ?
a) will we do
б) are we do
в) shall we do+

7. Что он будет читать нового в следующем году?
a) What new shall he read next year?
б) What new will he read next year?+
в) What new wall he read next year?

8. Завтра будет мой день рождения!
a) It will be my birthday tomorrow!+
б) It shall be my birthday tomorrow!
в) It won’t be my birthday tomorrow!

9. Jerry and Carol ___ married next Saturday.
a) get
б) are getting+
в) will getting

10. I’m thirsty. I think I ___ a glass of water.
a) am having
б) will have+
в) am going to have

11. There isn’t any juice left. I ___ some.
a) am getting
б) will get+
в) get

12. В следующем месяце мы посетим Исландию.
a) We’ll visit Iceland next month.+
б) We want visit Iceland next month.
в) We shell visit Iceland next month.

13. You _____ in Paris tomorrow evening.
a) will arrive+
б) arrive
в) arriving

14. The boy _____ this day all his life.
a) should remember
б) remembers
в) will remember+

15. I’m not sure I _____ Leo at the hotel.
a) shall find+
б) found
в) shall found

16. It’s very cold in here. Oh, I ___ the window.
a) am closing
б) close
в) will close+

17. Mary ___ her parents this evening.
a) will visit
б) is visiting+
в) visit

18. The seminar ___ at 8 a.m. on Monday.
a) starts+
б) is starting
в) is going to start

19. A new swimming pool ___ on 10 June.
a) opens+
б) is going to open
в) is opening

20. Lizzie ___ a massage at 5 this evening.
a) is having+
б) has
в) will have

21. We ___ for dinner at 3 p.m. today.
a) will meet
б) meet
в) are meeting+

22. Our train ___ in Moscow at 6 tomorrow morning.
a) arrives+
б) is going to arrive
в) is arriving

23. I expect you ___ the exam.
a) are going to pass
б) are passing
в) will pass+

24. Come for dinner! My mom is cooking something special. I’m sure it _____ be very good.
a) will+
б) won’t

25. I’ve lost my key, and nobody is at home. I think I _____ have to wait till somebody comes.
a) will+
б) won’t

26. You were too rude to her and you haven’t apologised. I don’t think she _____ talk to you.
a) will+
б) won’t

27. Try this dress! I’m sure it ___ you.
a) will suit+
б) is going to suit
в) suits

28. Holidays are coming. ___ any interesting places?
a) Are you visiting
б) Do you visit
в) Are you going to visit+

29. Don’t sit at the computer for too long. You ______ be tired tomorrow.
a) will+
б) won’t

30. She went to a party yestarday, so she hasn’t prepared for the test. She ____ pass the test.
a) will
б) won’t+

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