Тест с ответами: «Числительные в английском языке»

1. There are _________ people in my family.
а) sixth
б) sixtien
в) six+

2. The 21st of October 1983
а) The twenty-one of October one thousand nine hundred eighty-three
б) The twenty-onest of October nineteen eighty-three
в) The twenty-first of October nineteen eighty-three+

3. У моего старшего брата коллекция из 73 картин.
a) My older brother has a collection of sixty-three pictures.
б) My older brother has a collection of seventy-three pictures.+
в) My older brother has a collection of thirty-seven pictures.

4. 1⁄3
а) One-three
б) A third+
в) First three

5. 1⁄6
а) A sixth+
б) First sixth
в) One-six

6. 2⁄3 of a kilogram
а) Two thirds of a kilogram+
б) Two-three of a kilogram
в) Three seconds of a kilogram

7. Я смог купить 100 открыток в прошлом году.
a) I could buy one hundreed cards last year.
б) I could buy one hundreds cards last year.
в) I could buy one hundred cards last year.+

8. Есть ли в вашем новом доме 38 окон?
a) Are there thirty-eight windows in your new house?+
б) Are there thirteenth windows in your new house?
в) Are there thirty windows in your new house?

9. You are … who asks me this stupid question.
а) five
б) the fifth+
в) fifth

10. Two … of my income I spend on my pet’s food.
а) twelve
б) twelfths+
в) twelves

11. Есть ли балкон на первом этаже вашего дома?
a) Is there a balcony on the one floor of your house?
б) Is there a balcony on the first floor of your house?+
в) Is there a balcony on the oneth floor of your house?

12. Номер нашего офиса 76.
a) The number of our office is seventy-sixth.
б) The number of our office is seventy-six.+
в) The number of our office is eighty-six.

13. I need … of your annual turnover.
а) three-ninths+
б) three-nine
в) three-nineths

14. This method is _____ more efficient.
a) twice+
б) the second
в) two
г) twoth

15. Every … person in our company is not satisfied with his salary.
а) three
б) the third
в) third+

16. This bouquet costs … dollars!
а) two hundred of
б) two hundred+
в) two hundreds

17. ______ were stolen from the jewelry shop.
a) twenty one product
б) twenty one products+
в) twenty ones products
г) twenties ones products

18. -Take this pen. — Thank you. But I’d rather take another ____.
a) two
б) one+
в) ones
г) first

19. December is _____ month of the year.
а) the eleventh
б) eleven
в) the twelfth+
г) the eleventh

20. 3,147
а) three thousand one hundred and forty-seven+
б) third thousand one hundred and forty-seven
в) three thousand a hundred and forty-seven
г) three thousand one hundred and four-seven

21. _____, I’d like to tell you about the important things.
a) The first of all
б) One of all
в) First of all+
г) Firstly

22. It’s my _____ chance to get acquainted with her.
a) the second
б) second+
в) two
г) twoth

23. — How old is Kate? — Kate is _____.
a) forth
б) fourth
в) four+
г) the fourth

24. Fortnight is ____ weeks.
a) one
б) two+
в) three
г) four

25. _______ in Africa are starving.
a) Thousands children
б) Thousands of children+
в) Thousands childrens
г) Thousands childs

26. I’m having an appointment on ____ of June.
a) the twelfth+
б) the twelvth
в) twelve
г) the twelth

27. Last summer, I dropped a _____ that actually looked like the number two!
a) deuce+
б) twoth
в) two
г) second

28. Read _____ paragraph at home.
а) nine
б) the ninth+
в) ninety
г) the nine

29. Four times four is _____ .
а) sixty
б) six
в) sixteenth
г) sixteen+

30. There are _____ pupils in our class.
а) twentieth eight
б) twenty eight+
в) twenty eighth
г) twentieth eighth

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