Тест с ответами: «Active voice (активный залог)»

1. She _______ for a walk yesterday.
a) goes
b) went+
c) has gone
d) was gone

2. I’m fed up! You ______ for faults constantly!
a) look
b) are looking+
c) looked
d) will look

3. Nicolas _______ material for his new book now.
a) collects
b) will collect
c) collected
d) is collecting+

4. Last night my neighbours ______ their wedding anniversary.
a) celebrated+
b) have celebrated
c) are celebrated
d) will celebrate

5. I _____ lunch with a friend from 1 till 2 p.m. yesterday.
a) had
b) have
c) was having+
d) will have

6. She ______ lies all her life.
a) told
b) tells
c) was told
d) has been telling+

7. My cousin ______. married in Saint-Petersburg in 2009.
a) has got
b) got+
c) getting
d) had got

8. Johann Sebastian Bach ________ a great composer.
a) be
b) has been
c) was+
d) being

9. It ____.this week.
a) rained
b) hasn’t rained+
c) didn’t rain
d) was raining

10. We __ along the forest road when it started snowing.
a) was walking
b) had walked
c) were walking+
c) had been walking

11. It’s the finest food I _______.
a) tried ever
b) ever tried
c) have ever tried+
d) was ever trying

12. The car __________. Let’s take a taxi.
a) don’t start
b) isn’t starting
c) hasn’t started
d) won’t start+

13. The population _________ 12 billion people by 2050.
a) is reaching
b) will have reached+
c) will reach
d) are reached

14. _________ the game ______ when it started to rain.
a) Hardly has, begun
b) Hardly had, begun+
c) Had hardly, began
d) Had hardly, begin

15. It’s nearly thirty years since my mother __ her brother.
a) saw
b) sees
c) has seen+
d) had seen

16. Joln usually ____________________ for a walk in the morning.
a) gone
b) will go
c) go
d) goes+

17. Helen________________________ this book 5 times.
a) read
b) have read
c) has read+
d) reads

18. There _____ some eggs in the fridge but I didn’t find them.
a) was
b) were+
c) had been
d) will be

19. _____ he join us when we come?
a) Is
b) Was
c) Will+
d) Shall

20. The Pyramids ______ long before the European civilization appeared.
a) will been constructed
b) are construct
c) have been constructed
d) had been constructed+

21. You’ll have to wait because the dinner __ .
a) will just being cooked
b) is just be being cooked
c) is just being cooked+
d) was just being cooked

22. During World War II many cities __ by the Russian army.
a) were occupied+
b) occupied
c) have occupied
d) are occupie

23. When ____ you ____ to learn driving?
a) will, go
b) are, going+
c) is, gone
d) have, gone

24. I felt and looked to see if I was hurt in the accident, but I wasn’t. I _______ slowly, and luckily I ______ my seatbelt.
a) drove, worn
b) had been driving, had been wearing+
c) was driving, was wearing
d) was driving, had been wearing

25. We __ to be polite and friendly to other people.
a) have taught
b) are taught+
c) may taught
d) be taught

26. The exhibition __ to the audience tomorrow morning.
a) will be opened+
b) open
c) will open
d) is opened

27. How often do you ________________ this doctor here?
a) meets
b) met
c) meet+
d) have met

28. Ann __________________a lot of foreign letters at the office last week-end.
a) translated+
b) has translated
c) had translated
d) translate

29. They ______________________a lot of articles from these French magazines last week.
a) had discussed
b) discussed+
c) have discussed
d) discusses

30. My brother __ me about his wedding.
a) is being informed
b) has been informing
c) was informed
d) informed+

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