Тест по английскому языку для 4 класса (с ответами)

1. Anna ___ from America.
а) are
б) is+
в) am

2. Look! Tima ___ across the lake!
а) swims
б) swimming
в) is swimming +

3. ___ you often ___ ties?
а) are ___ wearing
б) do ___ wear+
в) does ___ wear

4. Tom ___ Hаndicraft lessons on his timetable next year.
а) has
б) had
в) will have +

5. Good pupils are never late ___ school.
а) at
б) for+
в) to

6. Today is ___ than yesterday
а) hottest
б) hoter
в) hotter +

7. This snake is ___ in the Zoo.
а) dangerous
б) the most dangerous+
в) more dangerous

8. The Stones are proud ___ their beautiful roses.
а) at
б) of+
в) on

9. We_______ washed the car.
а) has
б) have +

10. He_______ closed the window.
а) has
б) have +

11. The cinema is not far ___ our house.
а) from+
б) of
в) to

12. My classmates go to school ___ bus.
а) on
б) in
в) by +

13. John and Sophie ____ helped in the garden.
а) has
б) have +

14. That _____ good news!
а) is+
б) am
в) are

15. The police here _____ helpful.
а) is+
б) am
в) are

16. My pair of jeans _____ torn.
а) is
б) am
в) are+

17. Ginnie ________ locked the door.
а) has+
б) have

18. The girls_______ visited the museum.
а) has
б) have +

19. Don’t believe the story. It _____ nonsense.
а) is+
б) am
в) are

20. The furniture in the sitting room _____ very expensive.
а) is+
б) am
в) are

21. __ you ___ to go to the movies with us tonight?
а) Do, want+
б) Does, wants
в) Are, wanting
г) Does, want

22. I ______ this ice cream, I ______ strawberries
а) don’t like, don’t like+
б) am liking, don’t like
в) don’t like, am liking
г) am liking, am liking

23. My mother ______ as an English teacher at the school.
а) works+
б) am working
в) is working
г) worked

24. Ann _____ in the zoo yesterday.
а) was +
б) were

25. The apples _____ in the bag. They were on the table.
а) wasn’t
б) weren’t+

26. The children _____ very happy to meet their friends at the video shop.
а) was
б) were+

27. No, I _____ at home with my sister on Tuesdays.
а) stays
б) stay+
в) am staying
г) can`t stay

28. I’m busy right now. I _____ my homework now.
а) do
б) am doing+
в) does
г) did

29. I _____ at school yesterday because I was ill.
а) wasn’t +
б) weren’t

30. Mick and Tom _____ at the newsagent’s yesterday.
а) was
б) were+

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