Лексико-грамматический тест с ответами по английскому языку

1. A _______ of robots can see and hear
а) much
б) many
в) majority
г) lot+

2. It’s called a boxing_______, but it is square!
а) track
б) ring+
в) court
г) pitch

3. What ____ you ___ here now?
а) do ___do
б) does___doing
в) is ___does
г) are ___doing+

4. He _____ often_____in the swimming pool.
а) don’t swim
б) isn’t swimming
в) didn’t swim
г) doesn’t swim+

5. Mary _______coffee 10 minutes ago.
а) drink
б) is drinking
в) drank +
г) drinks

6. She is eating vegetables ___.
а) yesterday
б) usually
в) now +
г) every day

7. We clean teeth_______.
а) every morning+
б) now
в) yesterday
г) tomorrow

8. How long has the proffessor ___ ?
а) talked
б) talking
в) been talking +

9. If Anna ___ a lottery, she ___ to India
а) would win ___ travel
б) won ___ traveled
в) won ___ would travel +

10. Who is there? ___
а) It’s me+
б) I
в) I am

11. John gave up ___ last week
а) to smoke
б) smoke
в) smoking +

12. They ___ Germany
а) have been already in
б) have already been to+
в) already were in

13. We met when we ___ food in the supermarket
а) were buying+
б) bought
в) had bought

14. Was Travis surprised ___ his mark?
а) of
б) with+
в) by

15. Kate said that she ___ all the cookies
а) ate
б) has eaten
в) had eaten +

16. We went to the cinema ____.
а) last week +
б) every day
в) now
г) usually

17. We organized a small _______ for our friends
а) competitor
б) compete
в) competition+
г) competitive

18. Last year I visited Mexico and_______United Kingdom
а) an
б) a
в) the+
г) —

19. Emma cut_______with the bread knife
а) herself+
б) she
в) her
г) hers

20. I _____get up at 7 o’clock.
а) last week
б) now
в) often +
г) yesterday

21. He ______his face at a quarter past seven.
а) washes +
б) is washing
в) washed
г) wash

22. The equipment ___ by the company soon
а) will buy
б) will bought
в) will be bought +

23. The battle is going to ___ by the army
а) fight
б) be fought+
в) have fought

24. She _______ her mum with the housework at weekends
а) not help
б) don’t help
в) doesn’t help+
г) help not

25. How much ______________ generally earn?
а) babysitters
б) does babysitters
в) babysitter
г) do babysitters+

26. Be quiet! I ______________ the news!
а) am watching+
б) watch
в) watches
г) is watching

27. He ______his face at a quarter past seven.
а) washes +
б) is washing
в) wash
г) are washing

28. I _____ to bed at ten o’clock yesterday.
а) went+
б) go
в) goes
г) goed

29. When I got up, my sister ______________an e-mail to her friend.
а) wrote
б) was writing+
в) is writing
г) were writing

30. _______they_______ an accident last week?
а) Were _______ saw
б) Do _______ see
в) Did _______ saw
г) Did _______ see+

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